Platinum 100% Creatine provides your muscles with the most clinically researched form of micronized creatine available! Creatine is able to rapidly enhance your muscle cells’ ability to regenerate adenosine triphosphate (ATP) ATP is your primary source of anaerobic energy With higher ATP levels, you’ll be able to train harder and recover faster between each set–allowing you to do more work in less time With higher volume, you can make more gains and get bigger and stronger!

What is creatine ?

Typically bought in flavored powders and mixed with liquid, creatine increases the body’s ability to produce energy rapidly. Creatine exists naturally in our bodies and helps fuel our muscles, which is why some people take it as a supplement to boost their performance in the gym.

Health Benefits of Creatine Powder

# improve athletes’ performance in rowing, soccer, and jumping height
# improve upper body strength and lower body strength
# Creatine contains no calories, and has no impact on your fat metabolism

What Users Are Saying about Muscletech creatine Supplement?

“”Genuine product.. loved the mixability, actually its even better than ON which i never expected it to be.. and having a 5gram scoop was a big bonus.. thank you!! Have to check the results yet””

“” Better than ON because it blends in water so quickly….! It does gives same results “”

“” Its really helped me to improve weight lifting capacity.. Even helped to gain muscle and weight… Very effective “”

How to Intake Muscletech Creatine Powder

For the first 3 days, loading phase: Mix 1 scoop with 8 oz. of water and consume 4 times daily. After day 3, maintenance phase: Mix 1 scoop with 8 oz. of water 1 to 2 times daily.

Where to buy Muscletech Creatine Essential Series ?

You can buy Muscletech Creatine Essential Series online from Amazon at Rs1008/-