Best Laptops Under Rs. 50000. Here is a list of Top Laptop Models from major brands at the lowest price possible.

Factor You are Check Before Buying Best laptop

Processor & Clock Speed: An i5 processor is sufficient to smoothly play games & perform un-interrupted multitasking. However, we recommend not to settle for a laptop below 2.5 Ghz of Clock Speed. Basically, the clock speed makes all the difference when you are working on multiple things or doing lots of calculations on an excel document. This will speed up your working and reduce wait time.

RAM: Higher RAM with the latest generation keeps your programs running without any hiccups. For regular usage, a 4GB RAM is a must these days, however, to enjoy better gaming & running bigger applications, you can choose an 8GB RAM laptop as well.

Graphics Card: These allow your gaming experience to be magical – playing games become not just more realistic but an experience in itself. 2GB graphics is sufficient to play most games, however, if you have a knack for the latest ones with the best graphics choose a dedicated gaming laptop which comes with higher RAM & GPU’s.

Processor Generation: Newer the better – you can get up to 8th Gen processor however, it is advisable to get at least a 6th generation Intel processor to avoid having lags when playing games or working on big apps that take up a lot of processor speed.

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